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Love is hard. If you completely submit to it, you risk the chance of your heart being ripped out. If you don’t, you risk being cold. You risk the chance of your entire life being wasted on one person and all of your experiences being based on that one person, but you also risk the chance of being truly happy because you’re experiencing the right love. Emotions are tricky, as are interactions with people.

But your quote is all too true. I’m lucky I never was *that* girl, but that could be why I’ve had four marriage proposals but never trusted myself to actually make one of them my husband.

    • nu dormi?
      am imbratisat vorba englezului ”go with the flow” – orice e mai bine decat confuzia asta … oricum in aproximativ 6 saptamani o sa fiu pusa sa aleg un drum sau altul …

      cand nu ai puterea sa decizi, viata alege pentru tine …

  • „douazecisiceva” ai incercat tu sa spui ceva acolo dar nu e decat o fraza care suna f interesant. Orice decizie poate fi revocata, cat despre unde stii cat vor dura?Daca sunt temporare sau permanente?Nu ai de unde stii asta..

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