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ce parere aveti de plagiat?

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cristina morariu

Nu, nu am 24 de ani, nu sunt blonda, nu m-am nascut in Chisinau si nu visez ca am o viata extraordinara. Eu scriu de 7 ani, desi mi-am inchis accesul la posturile din trecut.

Ce parere aveti de plagiat? Nu vorbesc de un cuvant doua, de o expresie sau o poza. Vorbesc de un blog intreg, de un jurnal. De cineva care are nesimtirea sa isi insuseasca viata ta toata cu un nume doua schimbate pe ici si colo:


Domnisoara Cristina Morari,

Nu am timp acum sa va scriu, dar va voi adresa un post curand. V-am rugat frumos sa incetati sa va insusiti jurnalul meu, dar mesajele mele nu se aud acolo in Chisinau, desi pe facebook scrieti ca locuiti in Dubai. Putina lume imi inspira dispret. Sau mila.

Daca m-ati copia cu putina inteligenta, sincer nu m-as supara. Dar cum nu dispuneti de asta, o sa lasam wordpressul sa rezolve problema plagiatului.

G (not fucking C din Chisinau.) 

plagiat 1


plagiat 2



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I have left a sign on the door letting her know she must come upstairs as soon as she gets home. When she’s not given further instructions she must come as she is from her day at the office.

Since I did myself the favor of suggesting certain things before she left this morning I know just what to expect. Black short business skirt, black heels, nude thigh highs, white blouse with buttons and matching black underwear. I am sitting on the chair by the window, the evening sunset streaming through the windows making me half in shadow. On the coffee table next to me is a white plate with two oranges and a beautiful Damascus blade. The blade shimmers in blues, silvers and blacks. She has never seen it before, it’s a souvenir from a recent business trip to Morocco.

Her footsteps have always been a delicate thing, graceful and feline. I still hear her coming up the stairs and make her way to what is technically the library but serves much darker purposes at times. She comes through the door with her open expression of shyness, curiosity and that unmistakable flush of excitement. Good girl.

„Take your shoes and your skirt off. Come here and kneel in front of me.”

And there it is, that first initial shock. One of many to come. I can feel that definite flush of wetness from here. I can sense it. She drops her gaze and crosses the room and slowly lowers herself in front of me, palms up in offering on her thighs, bottom centered over her feet, spine straight, shoulders back. This position is called Nadu, and it is how I’ve asked her to present herself to me. She performs it flawlessly. I lift her chin up with my index finger and look her straight in the eye.

„We’re celebrating the coming summer tonight, it is time.”

And there it is, the first intake of breath. Her eyes brighten at the prospect of adventure. Hungry, hungry girl. I remove my finger from her chin and her gaze returns to the floor as it should be. This theater must be done right, the ritual must occur as it’s been ordained in auguries. The hand that has just left her chin travels to the table, I can see her trying hard not to follow it but she can’t help but peek. My hands pick up the knife and there is the first dilation of pupils. The first bodily flush, red coming forth on her lovely skin. What madness is this, she must be thinking. We’ve never done this before, cautions her mind. I trust him implicitly, moans her heart. All these warring emotions are plain to me as if she was yelling them in my face. Lovely.

„Look at me. Shoulders back.”

It is instant. It is perfect. It is sublime. My words sculpt her into a goddess. And there is the first shiver. I can feel her drenching in this instant. I know that the fount has broke and the waters have spilled. It’s almost as if I can smell her desire and yes, her fear. I bring the knife in front of her so she can see it.

„Beautiful isn’t it?”

She nods nervously, biting her lips. Confused. Excited. Wet. Just right for this. I touch the flat against her cheek so she can feel the cold. She freezes, like a doe when found out by a wolf. I bring the knife down slowly savoring this. Slowly until it’s level with the first button of her shirt. I slide the knife gently under it knowing full well she can feel the chill of the blade on her skin. And there are the goosebumps, infinite and beautiful. A present to me, a gift from her body. I twist sharply and the first button pops out. Severed. And there is the second shiver. And there is the wetness, relentless.

On the second button she remembers to breathe. It is a deep breath, she’s gone thousands of miles under the sea and needs it.

On the third button her knees start to shake. A Saint Andreas fault centered on her pussy.

On the fourth button she gives me her first moan. It comes from her infinite depths of it’s own volition. She can’t stop it more than she could stop the night stars from shining.

On the fifth button I have her fully and completely in my sphere. There is nothing for her here but me.

I slip the shirt off her shoulders and her skin blooms in red. Another present. The knife slips between her breasts and she forgets to breathe again. Still again. She remembers she is prey, remembers this is not over. The pull to cut her bra is hard, but she presents to me and holds. Her body hands itself into my hands, trusting.

„You’re sweating my dear. Look at me when I speak, look at me.”

My other hand slips her bra off. I stroke her cheek gently, her forehead. Her sweat. Nipples as hard as I’ve ever seen them. Goosebumps all over her breasts, her skin standing on end to honor me. I bring the knife down her stomach and she shivers. Her pupils huge with excitement. I slip the knife under the strap of her panties and cut up, that side falling down. The cut on the other side makes them fall to the ground and I can see the flood. Honey dripping down her thighs and sticking to her underwear. And there is the first orgasm, a shaking tremor, eyes rolling, moans escaping unbidden from her. But she does not collapse. She keeps her position even though I can tell her body wants to shake on the floor beneath her. It goes on for a long time, this release. It’s beautiful.

I pick up the orange from the table and cut it in four pieces as she shakes. When her haze dissipates a bit she looks curiously at what I’m doing. Intrigued at the direction this is taking.

„You must be thirsty. Eat this”

I hand her a quarter of the orange.

„Eat this in the guise of summer, eat this to celebrate what has been done to you.”

She bites into the ripe fruit with abandon. The flesh explodes in her mouth and juice runs down her chin. As planned, as expected. The heady aroma of the orange mixes with her palpable musk. It’s a smell of summer, of the sun and the heat that are coming to these parts soon. It’s the promise of lazy days spent outside, long and sweaty. By the time I hand her the second quarter juices are running down her breast, glistening on her nipples. By the third quarter they have reached her belly button and pool there for an instant. By the fourth quarter they have reached her drenched pussy and intermingle with her honey down her legs.

„Lie down, I thirst for the taste of summer and I will have my share.”

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